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Summer Studio 2017

Class List

Summer Studio Dates: July 5 – August 25, 2017
Summer Registration Begins: March 15 @ 10 am

Looking for a creative challenge or simply a way to express yourself? Armory classes offer adults a creative outlet for your artistic needs. Develop new skills or discover hidden talents.


NEW! These short-term, low-cost workshops for adults 18+ are designed to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Perfect for those who would like a taste of what the Armory has to offer.


Make art together! However you define family, the Armory gives you the space to spend time together creatively. Class limited to 7 children plus their parent or caregiver.


Classes introduce materials, concepts, and techniques designed to challenge a child’s imagination and abilities while providing opportunities for playful exploration. Materials and historical art concepts are used to achieve greater technical ability and broaden knowledge.
Kids Week 1 Kids Week 2 Kids Week 3
Kids Week 4 Kids Week 5 Kids Week 6
Kids Week 7 Kids Week 8  


Students and instructors engage in more ambitious explorations of concepts, creative expression, historical and cultural context, connections, relations, applications and materials.
Session 1 Kids Week 2


Students work with professional, multi-disciplinary artists who bring their expertise into the classroom. Instruction is concentrated in two areas: visual arts and media arts. With approval, teens 16+ may take certain Armory adult classes.
Session 1 Kids Week 2