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Jill Giegerich: Survey 1979 - 2001

Jill Giegerich

Jill Giegerich: Survey 1979 - 2001

For twenty years, Jill Giegerich has been considered one of the most important artists of her generation in Southern California. Her large wall constructions imaginatively combine the forms and materials of drawing, printmaking and sculpture. There is a trompe l’oeil quality to her art that consistently crosses a line between geometry and representation, resulting in works, which give us new interconnections between art, space and reality.

She defies being affiliated with any particular art ideology or stylistic language. She firmly resists being pinned down and is determined to remain unaligned as a person and as an artist. She has even expressed a desire that content, if any, remain oblique and enigmatic, freely floating in a space between resolution and the lack of it. Giegerich’s work has been carefully orchestrated to retain a tactile physicality even as it remains philosophically detached–committed only to complexity, ambiguity and the transitory nature of ideas.

Exhibition Dates
10/6/2002 to 12/29/2002