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Meet Our Faculty

Armory Center for the Arts has been training the next generation of Teaching Artists for more than 25 years. Most Studio faculty are alumni of our Teaching Artist Fellowship. This rigorous, nine-month training program instructs recent MFA grads how to teach contemporary art ideas to K-12 students using a combination of pedagogical theory, idea-based teaching methods, and hands-on art making. 


Allison Alford
MFA - Claremont Graduate University
2012 Armory Fellow
Allison's practice involves fiber works, natural dyeing, and photography. Projects include handmade wearables, making dyes and inks from local plants, and photo journaling - all of which stem from an evolving relationship with plants. She's the Co-Founder of Next of Kin Studio, which celebrates nature as family. Visit

Allison was featured as our Spring 2018 Faculty Spotlight. See it here.

“As an artist, I enjoy the idea of art intersecting with personal, domestic environments. I’m curious about the relational fabric woven between artist, art, space, and view. What sort of life does artwork have when it lives alongside a subjective hodgepodge of images, books, furniture, colors, clothes, and architecture?” - Allison


Ronna Ballister
MFA - CSU Long Beach

Ronna’s background in historical cultural art expression, ecological preservation, and children’s education inspires her art practice in sculpture and ceramics. She uses a process oriented approach to explore the possibilities of the intersection of materials, techniques and purpose. At times her work has combined traditional forms with contemporary cultural imagery which produces a deliciously intriguing contrast. She finds it appealing to incorporate the unexpected, and occasionally humorous element in her work as well. She has been commissioned to create both public and private installations, where her work is currently held. She has enjoyed teaching all ages at the Armory and for the Los Angeles Unified School District. She has shown her work in the American Craft Council show and at several group exhibitions and gallery shows.


Sandy Biery
MA - Immaculate Heart College

Sandy has been an Armory Teaching Artist since 1982. She is an instructor of dance and movement for children at early stages of development, a Board-certified Dance Movement Therapist, and a Development Learning Specialist at Fives Acres Residential Treatment Center for 20 years. Performances include Pasadena City College, Cal Poly Pomona, Caltech, and All Saints Church.

“My effort is to build awareness of our world through all our senses. Using guided imagery and designated themes we stretch and move across the floor, create with mixed media art materials, and play in a very large parachute. Always exploring and learning through the many choices our bodies can make.” - Sandy

Joe Bruns
BFA - Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
2018 Armory Fellow

Joe Bruns is an artist, activist, and educator. His work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group shows. He earned a BFA focusing on Sculpture, Printmaking, and Art History. Bruns has been commissioned to work as a teaching artist on several public projects with Milwaukee Public School communities while attending Peck School of the Arts to become a licensed Art Educator.

Gabriella Carboni
MFA - Cranbrook Academy of Art
2018 Armory Fellow

Gabriella Carboni is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Boston, MA. In 2017, she received her MFA in Painting. Gabriella moved to LA shortly after graduating from Cranbrook. She is also a Drawing Instructor in Art Center College of Design’s public programs. Visit

Jocelyn Casas
MFA Candidate - Otis College of Art & Design
2018 Armory Fellow

Jocelyn is a Los Angeles based painter. Her projects include sculpture, installation, murals, and wearables. Her work has been exhibited and published in the US and abroad. In 2016 she was the artist in residence at the Fundacion Sebastian, La Soledad Residency, in Mexico City.

Andrew K. Currey
MFA - Otis College of Art and Design
2016 Armory Fellow
Andrew is Co-Founder of the Painting and Drawing Association of North Texas. He restored 15th Century paintings for the Vatican through the Lorenzo Di Medici School in Florence, Italy. In 2014, he was the Artist-in-Residence of Shankill Castle in Paulstown, Ireland. Visit

I think the trick is letting the students know that they already ARE artists – I just try to show them what they are capable of from there.” - Andrew

Austyn de Lugo
MFA - Otis College of Art & Design
2018 Armory Fellow

Austyn is an artist working in collage, textiles, and painting. He embraces the iconic, the tawdry, and the flamboyant, as he investigates the idea of “dismissibility.” He has exhibited work in Orange County, LA, and Chicago. In 2017, he was the Artist-in-Residence at the Fundación Sebastian in Mexico City.

“Whenever I teach, I like to think about what I wish my younger self had learned when I was my students’ age.” - Austyn

Rebecca Bennett Duke
MFA - CSU Northridge
2013 Armory Fellow
Rebecca is an instructor at the Academy of Art University, a curating member of Monte Vista Projects, and has exhibited at Gallery 825 and the Institute for Contemporary Art. Visit

David P. Earle
MFA – California Institute of the Arts
2010 Armory Fellow

David has exhibited at LACE, Fellows of Contemporary Art, Monte Vista Projects, Offramp Gallery, Torrance Art Museum, and IFC Center (NYC). He's been an Artist-in-Residence at Side Street Projects and the One Colorado Artist Studio. He is Editor/Curator of The Open Daybook, a perpetual calendar featuring the work of 365 contemporary artists and he serves as Co-Director of Elephant, an artist-run space in Glassell Park. Visit

“Teaching is a reciprocal process. I bring a lesson plan with skills and ideas I want to impart, but, regardless of their age, I am always in a conversation with my students and learning from them, which then influences what I give back to them. I believe I am at my best as a teacher when we are learning and growing together.” - David

Denise M. El-Hoss
MFA - CSU Long Beach
2018 Armory Fellow

Denise is the Armory's Letterpress Studio Director and the Owner/Operator of Figgy Press, a custom letterpress studio. Visit She als taught at CSULB in the Fiber Arts Department.

Danny A. Escalante
MFA - California Institute of the Arts
2017 Armory Fellow

Danny is a visual artist living and working in Los Angeles. He makes marks, leaves traces, and presents precarious propositions. He has exhibited at Cirrus Gallery, CARECEN, as well as the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. He has curated group exhibitions at Grice Bench, and Los Angeles City College's Da Vinci Gallery, where he is currently adjunct faculty.

“Whenever I teach, I try to generate memorable experiences for my students.” - Danny

Mayra Flores
MFA - University of Southern California
2018 Armory Fellow

Mayra, a first-generation American and college graduate, is an independent filmmaker specializing in experimental documentary animation. By focusing on emotionally-driven narratives and taking a poetic approach, she aims to capture social issues through a universally human lens and amplify marginalized voices. Visit

Joe Galarza
Joe is a painter, muralist, sculptor, musician, and instrument maker who incorporates ceramics into his art practice. He has been an Armory Teaching Artist for our community program for many years, instructing in community and youth detention centers. He also plays bass for the internationally known music group Aztlan Underground.

Sandra Gallegos
MFA - CSU Long Beach
2009 Armory Fellow

Sandra has exhibited in Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery, and Gallery 210. Her work has been published in Art Scene, The Open Daybook, and New American Paintings.

Sandra was featured as our Spring 2018 Faculty Spotlight. See it here.

Sergio Hernandez
MFA - CalArts
2008 Armory Fellow

Sergio is an installation artist who produces work in the US and Europe. He is Co-Editor of literary publication Vulcan: A Literary Disillusion and studied screen-printing under master printers Kris Pilon, Jon Miner, and Stan Baden. He is also the Founder of streetwear brand The Zombie Movement.

Onya Hogan-Finlay

Onya is a Canadian-born artist focusing on installation, textiles, and drawing. Her work has been exhibited internationally at AGO, LACE, MOTHA, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, The Power Plant, and Documenta 12 Halle. She is the Co-Founder of projet Mobilivre-Bookmobile and has been published in LTTR, C Magazine, Cruising the Archives, Féminismes Électriques, and e-misférica.

“I enjoy the privilege of empowering talented students to create extraordinary artworks by making messy mistakes and marvelous discoveries about self-expression.” - Onya

Gail Howland
BFA - Art Center College of Design

Gail is a fine art photographer with an extensive background teaching photography. Prior to moving to LA she lived in New York, Germany, and England working in performing arts. She obtained an Art History BA from UC Berkeley. She currently works on private portrait commissions in the US and Europe and teaches at ArtCenter College of Design.

Carolyn James
BA - UC Los Angeles

Carolyn has taught Printmaking at the Armory since 1991, she teaches book arts and printmaking at workshops across the country, as an Akua Demo Artist for Speedball Art Products and Proprietor of Green Dog Workshop in Larchmont. Visit

Grace Lacques
Armory Studio Program Manager

Grace began her theater studies in France, studying master Etienne Decroux’s physical theater techniques and continuing her eight years of acting training in Italy, San Francisco, and LA. Grace adapted these techniques for children and has taught drama for all ages for over 25 years. She has been teaching, writing, and directing short plays at the Armory for over 15 years. Grace is a Co-Founding Member of the Samai Theater group, whose original production Silent Trafficking was performed at UCLA, UCI, and UCSB.

Grace was featured as our Summer 2018 Faculty Spotlight. See it here.

“For me, theater is a complete vehicle for physical, emotional and aesthetic expression. Humans, particularly children, carry the primordial will and desire to act. I believe that children, through acting, reveal universal truths with an agile and uncensored willingness.” - Grace

Ed Leonardi
MFA - Newcastle University
2015 Armory Fellow

Ed is an artist and graphic designer who works in the US, UK, and Brazil. He’s exhibited in El Gallo Plaza Gallery (East LA), Python Gallery (Middleborough), Long Gallery, Hatton Gallery, and Yard Gallery (Newcastle). He was an Artist-in-Residence in The Biscuit Tin Contemporary (2009) Newcastle, UK and The Roski School of Fine Arts, USC (2010).

Ed was featured as our Summer 2018 Faculty Spotlight. See it here.

“My students are young artists and, as a fellow artist, I respect their approaches and viewpoints. This enables me to assist them in the discovery and development of their own artistic directions. My primary teaching goal is to assist students in developing and sustaining focus on one’s self and the world around them.” - Ed

Patricia Liverman
MFA - CSU Los Angeles
1999 Armory Fellow

Patricia Liverman began teaching at the Armory almost two decades ago and has worked in worked in almost every program—and with every age group—along the way. Her work has been shown throughout California in galleries, universities, and alternative spaces. Venues include Art Share LA, Coagula, UC Santa Cruz, and Cal State Poly. Patricia lives and paints in Pasadena.

Patricia was featured as our Winter 2018 Faculty Spotlight. See it here.

“I strive to facilitate students self-expression in art through a process-oriented, hands-on approach. Students are encouraged to experiment with media as they expand their visual vocabulary. Above all, I would like my students to explore both new ideas and methods of creating." - Patricia

Matt MacFarland
MFA – Otis College of Art
2004 Armory Fellow

Matt is a contemporary artist and cartoonist whose ongoing graphic narrative Dark Pants follows a mysterious pair of pants through LA as they impact the lives of whoever wears them. He compiled his more than 14 years of teaching experience into a self-published comic The Teaching Chronicles. His work has been written about in The LA Times, Comics Bulletin, Comics Grinder, Artillery, and X-tra Online. He has exhibited in 356 Mission Road, the Vincent Price Museum, the Armory, and Torrance Museum of Art. Visit

Jorge Mujica
MFA Yale University
2017 Armory Fellow
Jorge has been excavating painting since 2008, and research has lead him to develop freestanding paints (FSPs). The engineering for each FSPs enables the painting to explore spacial ideas of painting in 3D through the creation of physical and visual ruptures. He is the Co-Founder of Creative Arts Coalition to Transform Urban Space in Long Beach CA. Visit

Tracy Nakayama
MFA - School of Visual Arts
2011 Armory Fellow

Tracy is a fine artist whose works are in permanent collections in the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Dikeou Collection (Denver), Third Man Records, and Will Oldham. She has created illustrations for ad campaigns at Adidas, Nike, and Vogue Japan. She has collaborated with Japanese fashion brands United Bamboo and Takeo Kikuchi, worked with music label Drag City, and is trained in Ikebana and native Hawaiian floristry.

Elonda Norris
MFA - Claremont Graduate University
2007 Armory Fellow

Elonda has shown nationally and throughout LA. Using household items, furniture, and food, her artwork invites us to question our relationship with convenience and consumption while reaffirming our connections to each other. Elonda is a Co-Founder of Summercamp's ProjectProject, an alternative art space in El Sereno.

Michelle Ohm
MFA - Otis College of Art and Design
2010 Armory Fellow

Michelle has exhibited in Samuel Freeman Gallery, LA Municipal Art Gallery, Forest Lawn Museum, and Davidson Galleries (Seattle). She was Artist-in-Residence at Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam). Visit
Michelle was featured as our Summer 2018 Faculty Spotlight. See it here.

“As a teacher, it is my goal to challenge, engage and give students confidence in their ability to make work. Ideally, I want students to feel a sense of accomplishment with their portfolios and an urge to continue taking and making art.” - Michelle

Ruby Osorio
MFA - UC Santa Barbara
2013 Armory Fellow

Ruby has exhibited in Laguna Art Museum, Cherry and Martin Gallery, Laverne University, Scripps College, Torrance Art Museum. She has been awarded the California Community Foundation Emerging Artist Grant, Durfee Foundation, UC Regents Graduate Fellow. Visit
Ruby was featured as our Fall 2018 Faculty Spotlight. See it here.

“When teaching, I provide a supportive environment where students explore materials and develop their artistic voice. It is my hope that students will take risks in the art-making process which can broaden their sense of discovery and self-awareness.” - Ruby

Laura Parker
MFA - California Institute of the Arts
Laura has exhibited photography extensively in the US and abroad. Her work has been featured in the LA Times, LA Weekly, and ArtWeek. In addition to the Armory, Laura also teaches photography at UC Riverside, Pasadena City College, and Loyola Marymount University. Visit
Laura was featured as our Fall 2017 Faculty Spotlight. See it here.

Allison Peck
MFA - Otis College of Art and Design
2015 Armory Fellow

Allison's recent two-person exhibition, INTER/MISSION, was curated by S/PLI/T Projects at the Pataphysical Society in Portland, Oregon. Select exhibitions include La Chapelle Notre Dame du Portail (Auzon, France), Elephant Art Space (LA), ReDiscover Center (LA), and the Institute of Jamais Vu (London). Visit

“My students are always inspiring. It’s great to work with them to create such imaginative pieces.” - Allison

Julieta Reynoso
MA - UC Los Angeles
2017 Armory Fellow

Julieta was born in Mexico City and raised in LA. She is an early childhood educator and fine artist. Her artistic practices include ceramics, graphic design, photography, and screen-printing. She has exhibited work throughout LA, collaborated on mural projects, and works as a still photographer for a documentary on Cuban combat photographer, Perfecto Romero. Her earlier work was published in Graffiti Woman by Nicholas Ganz.

Jackie Rines
MFA - UC Los Angeles

Jackie is a ceramics artist whose primary focus is large-scale sculpture that investigates taste and power through home design. Prior to moving to LA, Rines lived in Detroit, Minneapolis, and New York City where she worked at Greenwich House Pottery, Pewabic Pottery, and was a resident artist at the Northern Clay Center.

Kristofferson San Pablo
MFA - Art Center College of Design
2012 Armory Fellow

Kristofferson exhibits and produces projects in LA, Dallas, San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris, and Taiwan. He is an artist, designer, and Co-founder of Vacancy Projects. Venues include Slow Culture, UCR Sweeney Art Gallery, MOCA, MoMA PS1, and the Hammer.

Joey Sanchez
BFA - California Institute of the Arts
Joey is a fine art photographer. His work has appeared in various publications. He also works in illustration and graphic design.

Peter Sheldon
BS - Skidmore College
Peter is Founder and Owner of Sheldon Ceramics. Crafting distinctive handmade ceramics for the table, home, and restaurants. Run by Peter and his wife Ellen, Sheldon Ceramics is located in Downtown LA. Visit

Corrie Siegel
MFA - UC Irvine
2018 Armory Fellow

Corrie Siegel is an LA based multimedia artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally. Mining individual and collective histories, she uses labor-intensive approaches to occupy a position between objectivity and interpretation. Her projects have been profiled in the LA Times, Mousse magazine, Droste Effect, and Flash Art International. She was a Word grantee and was awarded fellowships from Dream Lab, Culture Lab, and Six Points. She is the Director of Actual Size Los Angeles. Actual Size collaborates with established and emerging artists to activate the exhibition experience and engage the public. Visit

Anna Tanner
MFA - Glasgow School of Art
2017 Armory Fellow

Anna is an LA-based artist who predominantly works in the mediums of painting and plaster. She was part of the New Works Scotland Programme from Collective Gallery in Edinburgh and was awarded a residency at Studio Voltaire in London. She has also exhibited at the Transmission Gallery in Glasgow. Her work can be found in a number of private collections in Netherlands, UK, and US.




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