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Armory Center for the Arts receives NEA grant for Big City Forum Residency

Armory Center for the Arts
receives a $45,000 grant from
National Endowment for the Arts for
City of Hope, City of Resistance:
Research and Actions in Los Angeles
a 15-month residency with
Big City Forum

Armory Center for the Arts is pleased to announce it has received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to host and present the outcomes of a 15-month, multidisciplinary residency with Big City Forum, entitled City of Hope, City of Resistance: Research and Actions in Los Angeles. The residency, from January 2014– March 2015, will include programs by Los Angeles-based architects, artists, designers, and urban planners, and will serve as a period of incubation for Big City Forum as it develops plans to launch future programmatic platforms. City of Hope, City of Resistance: Research and Actions in Los Angeles is organized by Big City Forum founder/director Leonardo Bravo and co-director River Jukes-Hudson.

About Big City Forum in Residence at the Armory
The residency builds upon an existing collaboration between the Armory and BCF, which has been crucial in advancing public discourse on the notion of social and civic engagement within the built environment. Since spring 2012 BCF has been in residence at the Armory, where it has programmed two seasons of lively, discursive events (Mapping LA in 2012 and Transforming the Social in 2013), comprised of a series panels of leading architects, theorists, and planners who, along with a room of engaged participants, have explored current creative practices that inform the landscape, culture, and geography of Los Angeles. The residency also builds on the Armory’s hugely successful Art Throughout Pasadena (funded by the NEA in 2011–2012), which featured the commission and presentation of ten artworks at publicly accessible sites throughout Pasadena.

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About City of Hope, City of Resistance
Los Angeles is at a pivotal moment of transition and transformation. Social fragmentation and isolation is giving way to a celebration of plurality and difference; identities and communities are coalescing around collective, design-based solutions.

City of Hope, City of Resistance aims to bring together the creative forces of numerous participants across the fields of architecture, urban design, contemporary art, new media, and social and community activism. The residency will explore, discuss, and perhaps even produce various forms of social space that emerge from community-based initiatives; new physical and social architectures; individual and collective actions that affect public civic engagement; and ideas and actions that influence life in the region in constructive, positive ways.

About Big City Forum
Big City Forum (BCF), founded in 2008 by Los Angeles-based artist, educator, and activist Leonardo Bravo and co-directed with artist/graphic designer River Jukes-Hudson since 2013, is an independent, interdisciplinary project that explores the intersection between design-based creative disciplines within the context of public space, the built environment, and social change.

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