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Armory Receives $140K Grant from Getty

Armory Center for the Arts Receives $140,000
Research Grant from the Getty Foundation

Armory Center for the Arts has been awarded $140,000 to research social spaces created through alternative art practices in Mexico City and Guadalajara in the 1990s. The research award comes from the Getty Foundation and is part of the Getty’s second iteration of its Pacific Standard Time initiative, entitled LA/LA, which will result in a series of exhibitions of Latin American and Latino art at institutions across Southern California. Grants were awarded to 40 Southern California cultural institutions to initiate research and planning for exhibitions in 2017.

The Armory’s 18-month research project, entitled Aesthetic Experiments and Social Agents: Renegade Art and Action in Mexico in the 1990s, will focus on key concepts around art practices that promote conversation, engagement, and political or social change; the complex, interrelated social spaces they generate; and the ongoing negotiation and realignment of those practices and spaces. The 1990s were a period of fervent change throughout Mexico. Artists in Mexico City and Guadalajara created alternative spaces to gather and show work, often with content that engaged directly with the politics and economics of these circumstances.

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