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Doron Gazit to link Armory, adjacent structures with enormous inflatable sculpture for Off The Wall

Artist Doron Gazit has generously provided "inflatable ambiance" for the past several Armory galas – gigantic "air sculptures" that poignantly alter and augment the Armory's interior and exterior. For this year's Off The Wall Art Auction, he's doing something quite different... and on a huge scale.

With the full support of neighboring businesses and property owners, Gazit's proposal entails the installation of a colossal, inflatable "red line" made from Airtubes® (low density polyethylene tubes invented by Gazit) that will (if all goes according to plan):

• cover the Raymond Theater's facade @ Holly Street, then...
• travel inside the Armory
• head back outside again
• go up-and-over the Everson Royce wine shop
• and (finally) meander through the Marriott garage @ Walnut Street

This huge spectacle will literally pop up on April 6th, will continue through the Armory's Off The Wall gala on April 11th, and will come down roughly one week later.

Gazit has replicated this project and similar inflatable installations all over the world in places like Washington DC, the Dead Sea, the San Joaquin Valley Desert, Dubai, Japan, Australia, Los Angeles, and Manhattan.

His work, its scale, and his choice of materials and settings reference the interface of nature, technology and industry with a modern sensibility and playfulness. For more information, visit the artist's website at Gazit is also among the 80+ artists who have donated work to this year's auction.

Artist rendering courtesy of Doron Gazit (2015)

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