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New For Teens: Character Design for Comic Books & Video Games

Comic books are big business in Los Angeles, and so are video games. You know what both those things have in common? Strong character design.

Heroes and Villains is a new Armory class for teens. It's taught by visiting Art Center alumni Juliana Ouyang and focuses on bringing life and personality to characters. It also explores the connections between story and research that drives great character design. Students will learn basic drawing techniques, including proportion, anatomy, gesture, and facial expression. They’ll also dabble in activities like character acting, examine stylized vs. hyper-realistic animation, and will learn the value of research to find inspiration for creating engaging characters with depth and drive. 

Heroes and Villains is for teens age 15-18. It meets at the Armory on Saturdays from January 16 through March 26 (11am-1pm). Enrollment is now open and limited to only 12 students.

This class is tuition-free, but requires a non-refundable $50 enrollment fee.

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Above: Instructor Juliana Ouyang's character designs for Cosmic Cadets, a mobile game that challenges players to explore and work together in a new world (in collaboration with Claire Chen and Joshua Bowles)

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