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New Public Art for Northwest Pasadena

On Saturday, June 10, a new public artwork was dedicated and installed in the Northwest Pasadena as a part of the City's Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program. The Program places public artwork in neighborhood locations throughout Pasadena and in each City Council District. Intended to expand the public's interaction and dialog about public art, the Program establishes permanent sites for exhibitions of temporary public art. The site at the southwest corner of the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Marengo Avenue was created as an exhibition location in 2011. Shortly after the inaugural artwork was installed however, the "Hummingbird" was destroyed by vandalism and had to be removed. Because the Northwest community had embraced the artwork and the Program, a replacement artwork was commissioned by the Arts and Culture Commission and the Cultural Affairs division with the theme of "Community."

Through a series of workshops, the original artist LT Mustardseed worked with the Armory Center for the Arts and Northwest Pasadena youth, including the Northwest Student Ambassadors, to create a new sculpture emblematic of community pride entitled "Together...Everything is Possible." Images of the students' visions of their community include the flora, fauna, a skateboarder, the Arroyo and, fittingly, an homage to the hummingbird. A new Rain Garden at the site provides a transformative landscape and tranquil background for the sculpture. This project was realized through collaboration among the Cultural Affairs division of the Planning & Community Development Department, the Departments of Public Works and Water and Power, MASH of the Housing Division, and the Northwest Programs Office. Sustainable planting was graciously provided by Pasadena Beautiful, which received a Certificate of Recognition presented by City Council member John Kennedy. The Garfield Heights Neighborhood Association helped by volunteering to prepare the site and do the planting. Thanks to fabricators Michael Amescua and Ironwood Studios. See for more information about the Rotating Public Art Exhibition Program.

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