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The Ultimate Career Workshop for Artists


If you are anywhere in the LA area and are looking to kick-start your art career, get organized, and learn just about everything it takes to make it in the art worlds, then this class is just what you've been looking for. Learn how to make things happen for your career and get one-on-one feedback from leading LA critics, curators, and gallery owners.

Mondays, June 3 - July 22, 2013
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Amory Center for the Arts
145 N. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103
Tuition: $250 includes a copy of the GYST software (a $130 value).

Can't wait? Buy the manual, it's an instructor at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost. But really, if your in the greater Los Angeles area, this is a great way to meet new artists and other art professionals.

Contact: Chris Reynolds, GYST Director of Marketing


Created by artist, curator, and legendary CalArts professor Karen Atkinson, Getting Your Sh*t Together (GYST) is the often-imitated workshop for emerging artists, and for artists who’ve been "emerging" longer than they expected. Over 400 artists have graduated from GYST since 2002 and their continued success and contributions to the art world are what gives GYST such a great reputation.

GYST teaches you the business stuff you should have learned in art school, but didn’t. GYST values self-sufficiency and presents you with information, skills, and strategies to make things happen without necessarily waiting around for some arbiter of culture to validate your work. We’re not concerned with producing slick, commercialized artists, nor is this some new age, touchy-feely "find your inner artist" crap. GYST is a program for artists, by artists that will teach you bare-knuckled, practical strategies for negotiating the baffling terrain of the contemporary art world, whether you are interested in working with galleries, or creating a DIY or social practice.

Over 8-weeks, you’ll create and refine your "presentation package," artist statement, bio, resume, portfolio, and more, with the full editorial and technical support of GYST staff.

GYST culminates with Curator Speed Dating (when we can). Get real-world feedback on your portfolio and proposals from some of the area’s hottest curators. Past curators have been LA Times Art Critic David Pagel, LACE Director Carol Stakenas, LA Weekly Critic Doug Harvey, Artillery Magazine Editor Tulsa Kinney, Critic Shana Nys Dambrot, Matt Wardell, John Spiak, Mark Greenfield, Richard Amromin, Anne Bray, Melissa Pellico, Christopher Russell from the Getty Research Institute and others.

Students also get a complimentary copy of the BRAND NEW GYST 3.5 software, which usually retails for $129. The MAC and PC based program is packed with all the organizing tools and information resources every artist needs.


In just the past years, our workshop alumni have won multiple grants from a number of funders, as well as secured galleries, produced numerous DIY projects, and in general, have their sh*t together.

"Two weeks after finishing GYST, I had a studio visit from Robert Berman. Because I had recently gotten my sh*t together, I was able to send him a portfolio before the visit. I think it really helped - he offered me a solo show. Thanks, GYST! Really, thank you. I mean it."

- Alumni Cameron Gray had his first solo show (ever) at the renowned Robert Berman Gallery and sold several large canvases. He's currently represented by Berman’s Gallery.

- GYST Alumni Derrick Maddox was included in a large group show of African American Artists with some legendary artists. He started making work on a regular basis and started having studio visits which has made a huge difference in his career. He is currently booked for a show at the California African American Museum.


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