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Get Out the Vote! Zine Class for Young Adults

Get Out the Vote! Zine Class for Young Adults

Learn about power, democracy, art, and the history of youth activism in this free, online class for young adults age 14 to 21. Presented in partnership with California Calls, the goal of this 8-session class is to create and circulate a collaborative, homemade magazine to encourage everyone 18 and up to get registered and vote in the November General Election.

A popular art form and alternative communication tool for underground scenes like Punk or SciFi fandom, zines are homemade magazines created by individuals or collectives in small editions (usually 1,000 or less) and printed on a photocopier. Everyone in the class will create at least one page for the zine, which can be a story, a cartoon, a collage, a poem, a drawing—anything you want that relates to the theme of getting out the vote in November. The zine will then be printed on a photocopier and distributed to people and places where its message will do the most good. Everyone in the class will get copies of the zine to keep and share. Plus, all images created during this class will become part of a state-wide social media campaign encouraging people to vote on November 3rd.

This workshop now full as of August 8, 2020.

Illustration courtesy of Armory Teaching Artist Sergio Hernandez.


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