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Kate Lain's Top 5: Cabin Fever Playlist

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Armory Teaching Artist Kate Lain's Cabin Fever Playlist is a crowd-sourced list of experimental films that are currently free online. Kate started the list on March 13 for her video art students at the Armory once classes were canceled due to shelter in place recommendations.

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Artful Connections With Math: Area Perimeter Blueprint Collage

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For 3rd Graders: How do we use math and art to represent our living spaces? This lesson’s goal is for students to create a floor plan collage, using graph paper to calculate area and sewing with embroidery floss to calculate perimeter.

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Armory Arts Challenge #1: Creature Construction

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Make a creature using ONLY materials you have in your home. Give your creature a name and back-story. Is it real or imaginary? Does it have hobbies or talents? What does it like to eat? What fun things is it doing while sheltering in place with its family?

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