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Collage Scavenger Hunt with Sandra Gallegos

Collage Scavenger Hunt with Sandra Gallegos

Armory Teaching Artist Sandra Gallegos asked us to share one of her favorite collages with you that she made in 2017. "I thought it would be nice for children to hunt for things," like a scavenger hunt. We thought that was a great idea. Parents with little ones, gather round the screen. How many of these things can you find? Click the image to expand.

A Teddy Bear • A Cat • A Worm • A Yarn Doll • An Owl • A Kewpie Doll • A House • Some Trees • The Sun • Tomatoes • A Bug • A Dog • A Fish • Some Dessert • Butterflies • A Bird's Nest • Flowers • Apples • Birds • Girls and Boys • Potato Animals • Santa • A Swimming Pool • A Puffin • A Basket • Some Chickens • A Donkey • Mountains • Strawberries • Parrots • Origami • A Bird House • A Hat • Clouds


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Collage by Sandra Gallegos (2017). Courtesy of the artist.


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