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WATCH: Virtual Exhibition Field Trips

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Take your students on a virtual Armory exhibition tour and make art with lessons designed by Armory Teaching Artists that meet National Arts Common Core Standards.

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Collaborative Zine Project Encourages Young Adults to Vote

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We all have a choice and a voice! Twice a week throughout the month of August, young adults from Greater LA and across the country met via Zoom as part...

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Come Celebrate Juneteenth! This Friday, June 19, with a car caravan for black lives organized by our partners at the NAACP Pasadena and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

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How to Make an Origami Owl

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All you need is scissors, markers, paper! In 12 easy steps, you'll be able to make your own parliament of owls (BTW - a group of owls is called a "parliament").

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HOME: An Armory Coloring Book

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This coloring book for all ages is a collaborative effort of the Armory's Teaching Artists. We invited our faculty to each create an illustration representing their personal interpretation of “Home,” a relatable theme especially in light of the safer at home orders the entire planet is experiencing during this pandemic.

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Create an Animal Companion with Ed Leonardi

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Perfect for ages 3 to 5! Created by Armory Teaching Artist Ed Leonardi, we have some fun and simple directions on how to make yourself an animal companion including a 3D kitten or 2D puppy.

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Armory Arts Challenge #3 - Beyond the Selfie: Summon the Actor Within

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Invent a character based on this single word: HOPE. Your character will personify HOPE. Your character is HOPE. Once you create your character, take several selfies until you capture an image that truly personifies your character's spirit.

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How To Hang Art

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This handy how-to guide from the Armory's exhibitions team shows you the essential steps and simple math used by professionals to hang art. You can also use this information to securely hang other things, like mirrors, family photos, diplomas, and more.

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Armory Arts Challenge #2 - Cartoon Doodles from Memory

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In 10 minutes, draw as many popular cartoon characters as possible...from memory! Forget about details. Be quick & loose.

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