Special Thanks

Thank you to our donors and Board members who have provided generous additional support to the Armory during the COVID-19 crisis.

Catherine Arias & Bert Voorhees
Max Brennan & Sigrid Burton in honor of George Stephens
Louise & John Brinsley
Linda Burrow & John Horn
Susan & John Caldwell
Eric & Elisa Callow
Marina Chang & Orrin Shively
Wendy Cobleigh
John Dale
Susan & Tim Delaney
Tammy & Tim Godley
Megan & Michael Hamilton
Lynda Jenner
Maria Khader-Karp & Chris Karp
Steven Wong & Leslie A. Ito
Connie Lue
Chris & Denise Mathews
Judy Score
Shelley & Andy Short
Victoria Stratman
Gretel Stephens
Jill Sumiyasu
Philip A. Swan
Peter Tolkin & Yunhee Min
Donna Vaccarino
Julie & Scott Ward

Fulfilling the Armory’s mission depends upon many things. We pledge to continue to provide programming that supports the most vulnerable members of our community and will support our staff and teaching artists to the best of our ability in the coming weeks. We respectfully ask that if you are in a position to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Armory’s emergency COVID-19 relief fund, please contribute today. Your investment will help safeguard our mission through this crisis and beyond. Thank you. 



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