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Teaching Staff

At the core of our mission is a deep commitment to social justice through arts education. Every day, Armory Teaching Artists transform lives and communities through the power of art. Children, teens, and adults learn new skills and discover hidden talents during year-round art classes at the Armory. Teens master 21st-century graphic design skills at continuation high schools, preparing for careers in California's creative economy. Public school teachers thrive in our professional development seminars, where they learn how to combine art with core subjects like math and science to excite imaginations and inspire critical thinking. Our most vulnerable community members discover a safe place to express themselves, through free art classes at low-income elementary schools, inner-city parks, senior housing, recreation centers, and juvenile justice centers


2023 Teaching Staff Roster

Olivia Aguilar, Teaching Assistant
Myisha Arellano, Artist at Work Artist in Residence
Aldonia Bailey, Teaching Artist
Ronna Ballister, Teaching Artist
Paloma Brenek, Teaching Assistant
Joseph “Joe” Bruns, Teaching Artist
Jocelyn Casas, Teaching Artist
Rachel Colon, Teaching Assistant
Emily Thorpe Coogan, Teaching Artist
Lark Crable, Teaching Artist
Andrew K. Currey, Teaching Artist
Austyn de Lugo, Teaching Artist
Kira Doutt, Teaching Artist
Kayla Ephros, Teaching Artist
Celeste Escobedo, Teaching Artist
Ann Faison, Teaching Artist
Isabel Fernandez, Teaching Assistant
Jose “Joe” L. Galarza, Teaching Artist
Sandra Gallegos, Teaching Artist
Michelle Glass, Artist at Work Artist in Residence
Ruzanna Hanesyan, Teaching Assistant
Sergio Hernandez, Teaching Artist
Heather Hilliard, Teaching Artist
Gail Howland, Teaching Artist
Grace Lacques, Teaching Artist
Kathryn “Kate” Lain, Teaching Artist
Ed Leonardi, Teaching Artist
Katie Lipsitt, Teaching Artist
Matt Mac Farland, Teaching Artist
Brandi Mack-Khalfani, Teaching Assistant
Nicole Magana, Teaching Assistant
Benin Marshall, Teaching Assistant
Mich Miller, Teaching Artist
Tracy Nakayama, Teaching Artist
Andrea Navarro, Teaching Assistant
Elonda Norris, Teaching Artist
Michelle Ohm, Teaching Artist
Laura Parker, Teaching Artist
Heyley Pavon, Teaching Assistant
Johnny Perez, Teaching Assistant
Beth Pfunter, Teaching Assistant
Scarlett Reyes, Teaching Assistant
Paula Julieta Reynoso, Teaching Artist
Joe Sanchez, Teaching Artist
Allison Segura, Teaching Assistant
Lisa Watts, Teaching Assistant


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