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Teens (Children)

zine in the making with construction paper, markers, and scissors in the background

(Ages 12-18) These in-depth art classes inspire teens to engage in ambitious explorations of concepts, creative expression, historical and cultural context, connections, applications, and materials. Armory online teen art classes are designed for all skill levels, from advanced art students or teens who simply love making art. Classes include creative writing, drawing, painting, ceramics, collage, watercolor, and Photoshop.

Most Teen classes are no longer enrolling for September, check back next month to see new class offerings or enroll in our upcoming workshops. 

Needle Felting 1-day Workshop
(Ages 14+)

Get ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving and fall harvest by making your own felted wool pumpkin!

Offered on Wed. 5:30 PM

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Embroidery 2-day Workshop
(Ages 12+)

In this two-day workshop you will learn basic embroidery stitches, and then use your skills to create a wall hanging with the design of your choice!

Offered on Sat. 1:00 PM

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Portfolio Development
(Ages 12-18)

Expand your portfolio with assignments that give you a taste of different mediums and modes of art making.

Offered on Mon., Wed. 3:00 PM

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Art of Comics & Graphic Novels
(Ages 12-18)

This course will help you make the most of every page as an artist and storyteller as you create your own eight-page mini-comic from home.

Offered on Tue., Thu. 4:00 PM

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Observational Drawing: Still Life & Figures
(Ages 12-18)

We will work with both still life drawing and figure drawing as we learn different techniques for rendering and shading such as contour drawing, gesture drawing, cross-hatching, and stippling.

Offered on Mon., Wed. 5:00 PM

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Hand Building Ceramics
(Ages 12-18)

Learn clay hand-building techniques to create functional and nonfunctional ceramic art. Build your ceramic pieces with coils, slab construction, and clay pinching methods.

Offered on Mon., Wed. 4:00 PM

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Creative Writing: Pandemic Fiction
(Ages 12-18)

We will write a short story, (or possibly stories). Each class will open with a discussion and move into writing prompts and exercises.

Offered on Tue., Thu. 4:00 PM

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Zine Making, Printmaking, & DIY Projects
(Ages 11-15)

Get an introduction to zine-making and the history of the art form! In this class, we will explore DIY art-making that can be inserted in your zines, and learn how to use a range of art materials and techniques to create them.

Offered on Sat. 11:00 AM

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Beginning Crochet
(Ages 16+)

This project based class focuses on mastering the main stitches of crochet. Learn to read a pattern and understand the language used in patterns.

Offered on Tue. 5:30 PM

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Queer Collage
(Ages 15+)

What is collage? What is queer collage? We will take a historical look at how “queerness” has been interpreted by artists using collage.

Offered on Sat. 5:00 PM

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