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Be Present, Hold Space with Julieta Reynoso

Be Present, Hold Space with Julieta Reynoso
Dates: Thursday, Mar 4, 2021
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

We invite friends of the Armory, both new and longtime, to join us for a lightly moderated hour of sharing, listening, and being present with one another.

This has been an unpredictable, exhausting time for all of us, and we recognize that being present with each other in a creative environment, even a virtual one, is necessary and empowering. Join us for the next session of Be Present, Hold Space on March 4th, hosted by Armory Teaching Artist Julieta Reynoso. Julieta will lead a discussion on the role that art making has played in people's lives during the pandemic, as well as the role of "making" in general—be it sourdough bread, pandemic gardens, cloth masks, and more. This event is free and open to everyone.

Join via Zoom
3/4/21 at 5:00 PM PST

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About this Series
In the first weeks of quarantine, the Armory team began a new staff meeting tradition of sharing creativity that inspires us and keeps us going. Be Present, Hold Space borrows partly from that intention.

The series' other inspiration is Exquisite LA, a project created by Claressinka Anderson and photographer Joe Pugliese that appears in Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles (CARLA). Drawing on the history of the "Exquisite Corpse" Surrealist game, each issue features an LA artist who then picks the next artist to be featured—thus creating a communal portrait of the current Los Angeles art world.

Adopting this structure, we will ask our special guests to pass the baton to another artist or creative who inspires them—someone they think would be great for the next meeting of the Armory's circle of sharing. Decentralizing the power of who curates voices and experiences is inline with the Armory's cultural equity values. As each guest passes the space from one to the next, we will begin to track a creative lineage that underlines our rich creative and cultural fabric at the Armory and welcome in new layers of community.

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Community Agreements
Be Present, Hold Space attendees agree to adhere to the following guidelines to insure a healthy, welcoming, and productive evening:

  1. Be present.
  2. Share the space.
  3. Allow others to finish speaking.
  4. Respect other experiences.
  5. Honor confidentiality.
  6. Listen to understand, even if you disagree.
  7. Use “I” statements and speak from your experiences.
  8. Stay open to other points of view.
  9. Stay on topic.
  10. Welcome positivity, generosity, laughter, and constructive critique.
  11. Be aware of power dynamics and hold yourself accountable.
  12. Be aware that biases influence perspective.
  13. Acknowledge your privilege.
  14. Own your mistakes, your intentions, and your impact.
  15. Appreciate and honor silence.

If you have any questions, please contact us at news@armoryarts.org.


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