at the Brewery Project, 1993–2007: the Finale

at the Brewery Project, 1993–2007: the Finale
Dates: Sunday, Dec 7, 2008 -
Sunday, Mar 1, 2009
Exhibition Opening: Dec 6, 2008
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


“at the Brewery Project provided an avenue for artists to work with their most recent art, even creating new work on site. … The pleasure of collating unseen or unfinished art works and working with last-minute problems correlated with my own experiences as a performance and installation artist. I believe that the artists who take these issues seriously and work off of the raw tension that they generate, merit our trust. So the Armory assigned some of its more eccentric spaces to the outbound.ed group. That way we could be: outbound from the white cube, out of the usual bounds with site specific or site responsive work, and only edited after the fact. This, I believe, is a fine, unpredictable, temporary end point for here and now.” From John O’Brien’s curator essay in the at the Brewery Project, 1993–2007: the Finale catalogue.

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