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Fall exhibitions begin October 6th.


Berman Board

Berman Board
Dates: Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 -
Sunday, Jan 12, 2020

Galleries are currently closed.
Fall exhibitions begin October 6th.

Exhibition Opening: Oct 5, 2019
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Armory Center for the Arts is proud to present the Berman Board, a group project with Fiona Connor, Neil DoshiMichala Paludan, and Gala Porras-Kim.

The Berman Board formed in 2017 as a collaborative think-tank, made up of three artists and a designer, to consider the future of eleven art objects gifted to Fiona Connor by Jane Berman. The objects were originally acquired by Berman's stepfather Edwin Janss Jr., who along with his wife Ann, Berman's mother, were avid contemporary art collectors in Los Angeles. These works were left to Berman upon the death of her mother in 2013.

With the aim of getting to know the collection, the participating members have produced new works that engage with these objects, while taking into account how we come to understand and value works through the collectors and collections to which they belong, as well as through their reproductions. Centered around the question of what to do with Berman’s collectionwhich includes objects that originated from regions and cultures across Africa, Asia, Oceania, and North Americathe project contemplates what it means to trace the hidden travels and worlds of objects and artifacts, and looks at the ways in which they hold or withhold information and history.

This discursive endeavor incorporates two parts: a group exhibition of commissioned multi-media works including sculpture, photography, and exhibition furniture, alongside the gifted objects; and artist-led programming with invited participants, including reading groups, board meetings, observational drawings sessions, and more. The programming aims to interpret these objects throughout the run of the show, and to make space for the board, participants, and audience to discuss issues around restitution, display and documentation, the administration surrounding collections, and the production of artistic value.

Berman Board was organized for the Armory by guest curator Suzy Halajian.

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Home of Edwin and Anne Janss from Living with Art, By Holly Solomon and Alexandra Anderson, Page 192.


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