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2019 Events

The Winter Office: The Social Territories of a Warming World #2 with Andrew McNeely & Dorit Cypis

The Winter Office: The Social Territories of a Warming World #2 with Andrew McNeely & Dorit Cypis
Dates: Saturday, Jul 27, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Please join The Winter Office for the second in a series of public conversations on non-ideal theories of art, collaborative design, and spatial justice in the 21st century city. In the center of The Winter Office's current Armory exhibition is a working Podcast studio that functions as a public speaking and listening environment where new, urgent models for dwelling and housing can be imagined in conversation. These public conversations will be recorded and produced as a podcast series entitled The Social Territories of a Warming World. This conversation series is moderated by The Winter Office, in collaboration with the Armory and 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, where a second version of this Podcast studio will be installed in August.

Opening Conversation:
Curating the Nonhuman World with Andrew McNeely

Andrew McNeely is a writer and curator of two exhibitions: Restless Debris at the University of California-Irvine’s UAG Gallery, and A NonHuman Horizon, which is currently on view at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. The latter show features work by Andrea Chung, Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio, Jenny Yurshansky, and The Harrison Studio. A NonHuman Horizon focuses on the manner in which these artists inflect the ecological concerns in their work with their respective racial experience. This project, like Restless Debris before it, reflects McNeely’s broader interest in environmentalist politics and the philosophy of race.

Next Conversation:
Between the Verb and the Body: Climate Regeneration through Somatic Mediation with Dorit Cypis

Dorit Cypis has explored themes of history, identity, and social relations as an artist, educator, mediator, and social activator since the 1980s. With both a studio and street practice, Cypis' artistic work includes performance, photography, and immersive media installations. Dorit is a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders International; founded Kulture Klub Collaborative—a network of artists and homeless youth to bridge survival and inspiration; and an early director of Foundation for Art Resources (FAR). She was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and Rauschenberg Foundation Residency, 2014.

About The Social Territories of a Warming World
Organized and moderated by The Winter Office as a public speaking environment where urgent paradigms and contexts emerging from the climate crisis will be explored, these conversations, which are open to everyone, will be recorded and produced as a podcast series and made available online soon after. This conversation platform is a special program of the exhibition Non-Perfect Dwelling by The Winter Office, and it is produced in collaboration with The Armory Center for the Arts and 18th Street Arts Center, where other conversation events will also be recorded and open to the public.

Banner Image (from left): Photo of Dorit Cypis, 2019. Courtesy of the artists. Table First Version (detail), 2019. Wood, metal, recording equipment. 88 x 35 x 29 inches. Photo by Ian Byers-Gamber.


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