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2019 Events

The Winter Office: The Social Territories of a Warming World #3 with Dina Abdulkarim & David Sloane

The Winter Office: The Social Territories of a Warming World #3 with Dina Abdulkarim & David Sloane
Dates: Saturday, Aug 3, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Please join The Winter Office for the third in a series of public conversations on non-ideal theories of art, collaborative design, and spatial justice in the 21st century city. In the center of The Winter Office's current Armory exhibition is a working Podcast studio that functions as a public speaking and listening environment where new, urgent models for dwelling and housing can be imagined in conversation. These public conversations will be recorded and produced as a podcast series entitled The Social Territories of a Warming World. This conversation series is moderated by The Winter Office, in collaboration with the Armory and 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica, where a second version of this Podcast studio will be installed in August.

Cultural Urbanism After Climate Change with Dina Abdulkarim and David Sloane
How can urban planning strategies that are focused on human capital re-shape the way we dwell in intercultural warming cities? The aim of this conversation is to examine the idea of Cultural Urbanism as a cross-disciplinary approach that aims to generate resilient, thriving and more sustainable development. With this in mind, David Sloane and Dina Abdulkarim will give their insights on how the intersection of art, planning, and ecological thinking can respond to the crisis of functionalism in the age of climate change. This conversation will be moderated by architect Sara Armento of The Winter Office.

Dina Abdulkarim is an artist and an Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Her research explores the perceptive and evaluative attributes of public places, and the creative interpretations of their inherit meanings. In line with her interest in equity, diversity and participatory social interaction, she collaborates through her Urban Design Studios with community organizations on projects that aim to use art and creative placemaking as a tool for building livable and vibrant communities.

David Sloane, Ph.D., teaches courses in urban planning, policy, history, and community health planning. His research examines urban planning and public health, health disparities and community development, and public and private commemoration. He is author of The Last Great Necessity: Cemeteries in American History (1991), and editor of Planning Los Angeles (2012).

About The Social Territories of a Warming World
Organized and moderated by The Winter Office as a public speaking environment where urgent paradigms and contexts emerging from the climate crisis will be explored, these conversations, which are open to everyone, will be recorded and produced as a podcast series and made available online soon after. This conversation platform is a special program of the exhibition Non-Perfect Dwelling by The Winter Office, and it is produced in collaboration with The Armory Center for the Arts and 18th Street Arts Center, where other conversation events will also be recorded and open to the public.

Image: Dina Abdulkarim, Hometown Celebration (detail), 2019. Courtesy of the artists, 2019.


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